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Amicable Split Bench 19"
Designed by John Christakos and Maurice Blake
KRW 1,267,000 ~
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SKU 10470692 | 주문 및 배송 가능
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Conscious uncoupling. si
Two angled solid wood planes are unified by brass brackets to create an unexpectedly comfortable seat. The uncomplicated form is suitable for any room (entry way, dining room, bedroom) or contract setting. Also available in 45" and 60" sizes.   

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•  Steel brackets and adjustable glides for leveling
•  Walnut: solid walnut with brass-colored steel brackets
•  스틸 브라켓 및 높이조절을 위한 글라이드
•  월넛: 솔리드 월넛과 브래스 컬러 브라켓
designer : John Christakos and Maurice Blake

•좌석 폭 370 mm
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Amicable Split : More Colors
SKU 10470690
KRW  1,267,000
주문 및 배송 가능
SKU 10470691
KRW  1,267,000
주문 및 배송 가능