Soft Lounge Chair
Ash Matt Lacquer
Designed by Thomas Bentzen
KRW 1,286,000
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T04 Soft Chair is designed by Thomas Bentzen with distinct attention to material and functionality. Its organic details result in an unassuming yet graceful character.

Soft Chair is a modern classic featuring a tight frame with soft back and seat curves. It embodies an honest design language in which all parts are visible and a part of the experience. The result is great comfort and seating ergonomics making for truly delightful dinner parties or time spent with friends and loved ones.
• Ash matt
• FSC ⎯ EU Ecolabel Certificates
• EU, Latvia
designer : Thomas Bentzen
• 466(d) x 472(w) x 782(h) mm
• Seat height 459 mm
Matt Lacquer
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466(d) x 472(w) x 782(h) mm
SKU 2052004002
KRW  1,286,000
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