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Blu Dot
Cozy Cozy Chair Cushion
Thurmond Charcoal
Designed by John Christakos and Maurice Blake
KRW 106,000 ~
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Slip on Softness.
As if Chair Chair weren't already perfect perfect, now you can accessorize it with a dash of color. Lightly padded, woven-felt covers slip on but don't slip off. Also for Barstool Barstool and Counterstool Counterstool.
•  Soft inner foam cushion with felt fabric cover
•  Textured non-slip lining
•  Thurmond Felts: 60% Wool / 40% Rayon upholstery
designer : John Christakos and Maurice Blake
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Cozy Cozy : More Colors
SKU 20470302
KRW  106,000
주문 및 배송 가능
SKU 20470303
KRW  106,000
주문 및 배송 가능
SKU 20470201
KRW  106,000
주문 및 배송 가능